Product Design + Tech Pack

$ 285.00 AUD $ 397.00 AUD

Order 4 Or More Tech Packs Online And Receive 10% OFF

+ Our design team will present you with custom design concepts for your approval

+ Once your revisions have been made we will finalise your chosen design style

+ We will then deliver a detailed Quoteboard which will show your new garment from the front and back. It will also include the chosen accessories, materials, logo and artwork, any special features, and it’s minimum order quantity.

+ We will also provide you with a selection of stunning images that will show your garment in full colour.

+ Finally we will provide you with a factory ready Tech Pack. Which will include your detailed mockups with technical information, sizing guide, colour way schedule, inner labels, hang tags, and a detailed spec sheet.

+ BONUS You’ll also get Social Media ready images for you to publish and promote to your fans on all your channels

+ At this point we will be able to provide you a detailed quote on the specs provided. At which point you’ll be able to get your brand made hassle free

+ You’ll get access to our expert patternmakers for sampling your product

+ We can also take care of the entire manufacturing process, sourcing the material, getting the product made, performing quality control, and delivering the product to your door

+ We guarantee that your new garment will be 100% authentic. As unique as your vision and brand

Note: A Tech Pack is for ONE garment style. The style covers the garments sizing guide and unlimited colour ways. Every unique style will need it's own tech pack.

You will receive a design questionnaire after checkout. If necessary, a phone consultation can be scheduled as well.