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We Handpick Our Factories

We believe in only partnering with ethical businesses. That’s why our Directors personally visit our manufacturing and production facilities. All of our garments are made by textile workers earning a fair wage in a safe environment. And each of our partners are child-labour and sweatshop free.

All Factories Meet Certifications

We want your customers to feel good about the clothes they buy. There’s a reason they’re choosing to purchase from you and not from the big brands. When you partner with Slyletica, we ensure that 100% of our products are ethically sourced, produced in modern factories, (not sweatshops), and created by textile workers earning a fair wage in a safe environment. Because it’s the 21st century and that’s just the way it should be. So get the word out: when your customers purchase from you, they’re buying something different than the sweatshop cruelty you might find at a big box store. Instead, they’re contributing to a revolution in the apparel industry— socially responsible, ethical clothing.

The Square Project

Mistakes happen. Occasionally an order may need to be returned and replaced due to misprints, sizing issues, or off-color runs. And while your garments will be quickly returned and replaced under our 100% quality assurance guarantee, we’ve recently launched an innovative program to handle the returned merchandise and help those in need. Called The Square Project, the initiative has donated over 3,000 clothing items to our charitable partners so far. In each case, we simply print a blank square over our customers’ branding and then donate the garments to homeless shelters, charities, and nonprofit organizations.