You may not have heard of Slyletica before…

But we’re the brand behind some of your favourite brands! We’ve worked with top Instagram influencers, sports figures and TV personalities from around the world. As well as established fitness franchises like Tough Mudder and Fernwood Fitness. Simply put, we’re a company that makes activewear for people who sell activewear.

Simon & Yetta who founded Slyletica started out with their own activewear brand (STFU Fitness). It wasn't long before people asked if they could use their blanks for their own gym apparel...And just like that, Slyletica was born! Pretty soon their blank clothing business started to thrive. And this later evolved into custom production.

Today they’ve expanded worldwide with sourcing offices in Hong Kong. As well as a distribution centre in China. Their Melbourne based team specialises in fashion design & production, digital strategy, product development, manufacturing, merchandising, as well as marketing and e-commerce.

Simon Rawadi


Simon knows apparel. Co-founder here at Slyletica, he’s been a driving force since we first opened our doors in Australia. Since then, he’s grown Slyletica into an international brand, serving fitness personalities and companies across 13 countries. His years of experience in sales, marketing, and textile manufacturing help Slyletica continue to grow, expand, and maintain a consistently high quality standard no matter how big we get.

Yetta Klyachko


Yetta has been with Slyletica since the beginning, playing a role at every level— working with manufacturers, orchestrating complex purchases, and forging the business connections that have allowed Slyletica to thrive. With this well-rounded experience in the apparel industry Yetta ensures that your products are designed to specification, packaged, and delivered when you need them.

Michaal W

Brand Executive

With years in customer service and account management, Michaal serves as a point-of-contact for clients working with Slyletica. She’ll help you take your clothing line from concept to completed product, coordinating with our teams while making sure that your vision isn’t lost anywhere in the creative process.

Sally C

Brand Executive

Sally has extensive experience in working with clients in the fashion industry. She brings these skills to Slyletica making sure the brands she works with know what's going on and get exactly what they're after.

Jade A

Brand Executive - Major Accounts

Jade has over 15 years in the fashion and production industry, from garment technician, to account management. As well as running her own design and production business for 4 years. Her experience is now put to good use, using all of her skills to ensure our major brands stay ahead of their competitors. 

Natalia K

Creative Director

Natalia is an essential creative element at Slyletica. With an extensive (and international) background in fashion design, Natalia ensures that 100% of the products released by Slyletica are on-trend, fashion-forward, and each contribute to our clients’ brand images. She’s the mastermind behind the Slyetica look and feel, as well as the chief strategist for client brands. Work with us, and she’ll be there to develop a strong, distinctive look for your own clothing lines.

Natalie C

Fashion Designer

With a wide range of experience working for major brands such as Mooks and Target, Natalie is one of our senior fashion designers. On top of this she has a strong background in print and pattern graphic design, textiles, and tailoring. Through this approach, Natalie will help you push boundaries with your clothing line, while still building a strong and recognisable brand.

Iris T

Production Manager

With 8 years of experience in clothing manufacturing. Iris is the Production Manager at Slyletica. Carefully managing our factories to ensure they're trained and equipped to meet our stringent standards. Fluent in English, and Mandarin, Iris is able to ensure there is no failures of communication. Streamlining the process and reducing turn around time.

Emily DBK

Production Assistant

With over 3 years in the fashion design and production industry Emily is one of the essential members of our production team. Carefully scheduling, tracking, and quoting production orders. As well as being one of the first points of contact for our designers when they need information from our factories. Emily helps ensure the production process is smooth and on time.

Erness C

Technical Manager

Erness is our Technical Manager. With experience as a garment tech, tailor, patternmaker, and machinist. Erness now manages our manufacturing process and procedures. She oversees our tech pack design, pattern development, and manufacturing, ensuring all your garments come back to spec.

Serena A

Garment Tech

With 5 years of experience with some of Australia's largest sporting brands, Serena has brought her priceless skills in quality assurance to Slyletica. Wether it's checking the fit, cut, or construction of samples, Serena is the one ensuring consistent quality.

Joshua R

Digital Operations

Josh has worked for over 4 years in Digital Management and Online Marketing. As a part of the Slyletica team, Josh keeps the site running, our clients in touch, and our brand at the top of the market. Josh is always available to help our teams with whatever they need.

Laura S

Graphic Designer

Specialising in Graphic Design, Laura is responsible for a variety of design tasks. From developing our clients branding. Designing a variety of print patterns, or working to create effective websites. Laura also has a core role in evolving the Slyletica Brand. And with over 10 years experience working for a range of clients she will be able to discover what's perfect for your brand.

John R

Digital Intern

John has a huge interest in everything digital. He started with building a successful Instagram page and is now studying Online Marketing at university. Now he applies those skills to assisting with Digital Operations at Slyletica.

Our Showroom And Office

Our Melbourne showroom and office is Slyletica’s creative hub. Here we showcase our apparel so that you can see and feel the clothing first hand. During the week it houses our expert team who are on hand and ready to help with your next project. We’d love for you to come by for a chat! The coffee is warm and we’ll happily give you a tour of the space. You can find us at Ground Floor 14-16 Yarra Street, South Yarra, Victoria Australia.

PS: Please call us on 03 8657 3311 if you need help finding us