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SLYLETICA at the Melbourne Fitness and Health Expo 2016

Australia’s fitness industry and its fans hit the Fitness and Health Expo for the last weekend in April 2016. Across three high-energy, blood-pumping days at the Melbourne Convention Centre, the SLYLETICA team made new friends, shared their story and discovered the latest in an ever-changing fitness world. Emerging from the patchwork of gyms, apparel, nutrition and everything in between, was a running theme of ‘fitness as a lifestyle.’

A lifestyle, SLYLETICA’s fashionable, high-quality fitness apparel has embraced from its inception. From the punters to the exhibitors and even the staff who were officially dressed in SLYLETICA apparel, active wear was simply everywhere.

With the SLYLETICA stand busier than a Wall Street trading floor, the media crew plunged into the fray beyond. Our mission? To find out what made other fitness brands tick and how the fitness wear revolution affected their business. Amid what sounded like the world’s largest body-pump class, we chatted with brands from all fitness walks of life.

Marion from TRX, a brand synonymous with innovative body weight technologies, said having high quality gear had affected TRX positively. As a brand so often outdoors, “it gives us a platform to reach more people” said Marion.

Though fitness wear has grown exponentially in recent years, Angie and Alex from Black and Blue have been producing fitness apparel for nearly 35 years. They were upbeat about fashion’s pivot to fitness as you’d expect. “I think it’s impacted us massively. We have a much bigger market now” said Angie. On why people won’t take active wear off, “It’s comfortable!” beamed Alex. “And everybody is in on it. Everybody wants to get fit, change their life… we just provide the clothing for it really” said Alex.

Interestingly, even supplement brands like Victory Lab and EHP Labs were praiseworthy of the trend. “It’s a great way to get the name out there and for people to acknowledge your brand” said Dave from Victory Lab.

Talking on how the fitness industry has changed more broadly, Clayton from EHP Labs said “the traditional body-building scene has shifted into a new era of aesthetics. Lifestyle brands have emerged.”

Arguably one of the biggest players in the lifestyle fitness scene is Anytime Fitness who boast the highest number of gyms in Australia. Their 24 hour, cut-price gyms have capitalised on a fast-paced market that works out in their own time, on their own terms. Marketing manager, Jess said making their gyms accessible to all fitness types had been crucial to their success. On the rise of active wear, she said it was important for their PTs “feel good when training people and branded active wear created a consistent look and feel at their gyms.”

To complete our circuit, we spoke to man-mountain and Event Manager of the Fitness and Health Expo, Shaun. For this year’s event “we deliberately headed in a more generalised direction, appealing to a more mass market” he said. Shaun thought “yoga, wearable tech and active wear” were the biggest movers in fitness right now. “Consumers are spending more than ever on looking good and feeling good in their own fitness. With that comes increased demand for consumer products.”

As the official apparel provider for the expo, we had to ask Shaun how his SLYLETICA gear felt? “It’s been very well received. And, yes, it does make the arms look good” he laughed.

What a workout! Spent but satisfied, the SLYLETICA team strode from the stadium proud of the connections they’d made and optimistic about the health of Australia’s fitness future. A future where high quality active wear doesn’t cost the world. Where health and fitness is simply a way of life.

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