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The Ultimate Pack to Get Started Today

Got big dreams to start an activewear or athleisure brand but overwhelmed at the technical jargon and manufacturing process? 

See inside the Slyletica Sample Pack, which contains three guides, including fabric swatches, quality gym wear garments and a stylish reusable tote bag

We hear you. 

Starting an activewear company is tough - the industry is extremely competitive and growing rapidly, and finding and communicating with a manufacturer can be timely and expensive.

With so many factories and garment technicians, the language barriers and process of securing a long-term manufacturing partner who can get your designs just right, can be a gruelling procedure which results in countless mistakes.

Mistakes are costly, and at the brand development stage you can't afford to be investing thousands of dollars only to see it go straight down the drain.

Not to mention the technical terminology, timelines and product development - you don't have hours to spend researching what goes on behind the scenes and how you can ensure your brand stands out from the rest.

Here at Slyletica, we understand your frustrations and it's why we've developed an industry leading Sample Pack - created by insiders, equipped with all the details you need to create a successful leading fashion brand.

The only question is, are you ready to take your activewear or athleisure dreams to the next level?

The Sample Pack is the answers to all of your burning questions wrapped up in three handy guides separated into easy-to-digest sections which you can refer to at any time. 

It's your bible on all things custom manufacturing, terminology, product development, marketing and e-commerce and will help you get clear on how to bring your dreams to fruition.

We want to help eliminate the stresses and concerns associated with starting an athleisure or activewear brand - this is the time to be excited about going after your dreams, let us do the heavy moving for you.

Our Sample Pack has been crafted with care by the Slyletica team and loaded with serious value. It includes three easy-to-digest guides and three premium garments all packed into a reusable tote bag, along with a $100 AUD credit towards any of the Slyletica's services.  


  • Three guides titled: Launch, Swatch and Trends
  • Three premium garments
  • A reusable tote bag
  • $100 AUD credit towards any of Slyletica's services

Slyletica Sample Pack launch guides

Don't spend hundreds of thousands of dollars figuring out the best way to bring your vision to life - whether you have an idea or want to rebrand with Slyletica, the Sample Pack is here to make it a seamless process. 

To find out more information on the Slyletica Sample Pack click here.

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