Influencers Are Creating Million Dollar Lifestyle Brands

From Kylie Jenner to Australia's Tash Oakley and even Justin Bieber - influencers and celebrities are using social media to jump into fashion and product marketing like never before... and they're owning it. Literally.

Influencers creating million dollar brands with following

Kim Kardashian has KKW Beauty, Kimono Shapewear, Kids Supply, Kimoji and the KKW Website & App. Younger sister Kylie Jenner has the billion dollar (yes, billion with a B!) Kylie Cosmetics and new Kylie Skin range. The Kardashian-West-Jenner Clan have a staggering 149 active business trademarks between them. 

Kylie Jenner makeup brand

Celebrities like Kim and Kylie aren't alone, influencers worldwide are no longer just being brand advocates; they are developing and marketing their own products. Influencers have done what brands are always striving to do - build an engaged, loyal community that is ready to jump on whatever the influencer is wearing or using... 

How do they do it?

We know Influencers have... well, influence. A whopping 34% of consumers have made a purchase through influencer recommended posts on Instagram according to a survey by Civic Science.  

But Influencers are now becoming more and more savvy when it comes to selling on social media. They know exactly what the market lacks in terms of product (because they hear it directly from their fans) and big brands just can't keep up. 

Justin Bieber running in house of drew lifestyle brand

Product once required a steep investment and only larger brands had the capabilities to deliver. But agencies such as Slyletica are making it easier to create custom, tailored product allowing influencers to get their product just right for fans. Influencers are our most particular clients as they know what their audience will and won't like - giving them an already established community to test the product on, an advantage many larger brands would kill for.

So who are some of these influencers and celebrities leading the pack in fashion? 


Chiara Ferragni – Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni Lifestyle Brand Bag Shoes

Italian Influencer Chiara Ferragni of the blog The Blonde Salad was ranked #1 Fashion Influencer by Forbes in 2017 and has been touted as the new Prada. Chiara now runs Chiara Ferragni Collections, Beauty Bites and The Blonde Salad to a combined following of over 20m followers. She is known for her winking eye logo that's famous among fashion elite and style influencers.  


Jordyn Woods – Secndnture

Secndnture lifestyle brand by Jordyn Woods group photo

Jordyn Woods is an LA based model and influencer; gaining notoriety for her relationships with now former best friend Kylie Jenner and the Smith clan. Woods launched her inclusive & diverse street-style inspired activewear brand Secndnture in 2017 to her 9M followers. Perfect for her young, urban audience, the line boasts fun styles and streetwear-inspired designs. 


Justin Bieber – House Of Drew

Justin Bieber House of Drew image streetwear brand

Bieber is the perfect example of using your social reach to be successful with your own products, regardless of whether you are a singer, celebrity or designer. Instead of doing a collaboration collection with a brand giant, Bieber has chosen to launch his own House Of Drew brand as an extension of the Bieber lifestyle. House Of Drew has been designed as a unisex line including interchangeable casual separates, bucket hats and slippers. The first range was released in February of this year and sold out within hours.


James Charles – Sisters Apparel 

James Charles Sisters Apparel Lifestyle Brand

James Charles was the first-ever male Covergirl back in 2016, and since then he has grown into a multi-million dollar success story with his Beauty YouTube channel and apparel brand Sisters. His net worth alone is estimated at $12m+ and growing. Charles is a perfect example of Influencers mastering and adapting ever-changing social platforms to grow and scale their personal brand.


Tash Oakley – Monday Swimwear / A Bikini A Day

Tash Oakley swimwear brand

Australian Influencer Tash Oakley is one of the original It-girl Sydney bloggers who has successfully channelled her influence from her blog into a global swimwear brand called Monday Swimwear with fellow Influencer, Devin Brugman from Miami. Monday is known for the championing of body positivity for millions of women worldwide. The focus is on creating timeless, flattering silhouettes instead of temporary, trend-driven pieces.


Michelle Lewin – one0one and m.elle

Michelle Lewin one0one activewear

Michelle Lewin, based out of South Florida, is a former Venezuelan model and one of the most influential fitness influencers in the world. Known as the “Latin queen of the fitness scene” with 13.5m followers, Lewin has branched out into two different labels with her activewear and streetwear brands one0one and m.elle. Instead of going after a single type of follower, Lewin has taken advantage of her large and diverse following by offering two brands. 

The list keeps growing with influencers building their empires their own way. Some like Bieber, just want to have fun, while others like Kylie Jenner are looking at it like a business and don't hide the fact that they are cashing in where big brands are failing.

What can we learn from these influencers and celebrities? Influencers know their audience as they interact with them everyday. Understanding your market and knowing how to design and develop products to a community is the foundation of building a successful brand in today's market.

If you have an idea and are interested in building your own fashion brand, get in touch with us today.