Influencer Marketing Tips

How to know who's right to have your product. 

Influencer Marketing is a way for businesses to reach audiences and customers through collaboration with social media personalities.

Influencer Marketing for your brand

Influencers (in case you didn’t know) are individuals who are active on social platforms and trusted by a loyal audience, who accept their views and recommendations.

It is genius marketing for your business, as peer recommendations are one of the biggest factors in successfully converting your consumer from consideration into paying customers.   

Not all influencers are created equal, however. 

Let’s break it down.

  1. Celebrity 
    15+ Million Followers
    For example: Kim KardashianSelena Gomez,

  2. Digital Celebrities
    1+ Million Followers
    For example: James CharlesAimee Song

  3. Macro Influencers 
    100k-1 Million Followers
    For example: Elle FergusonChloe Szep

  4. Micro Influencers
    5k-100k Followers

  5. Key Opinion Leader
    Small audience – but great engagement and dedicated audience.

  6. Earned Influencers “Brand Advocates” – aka FANS
    5k or less

The celebrity and top tier digital celebrities have worldwide status, mass-market appeal and are costly

Micro influencers have a more specific target audience. In instances like this, relevance is more important than reach. And engaging these types of targeted influencers with an appropriate product/service can be more authentic than a celebrity who may not be the right match for your brand. Choose your influencers based on your business objectives.

When considering using influencer marketing it is important to consider the three R’s.

Reach. Relevance. Resonance. 

What audience does this influencer have? Is my product or service relevant to the influencer and their audience? What kind of engagement is created when an influencer talks about a product? Be wary of whether an influencer's status is on an upward trajectory or if they are slowly losing their relevance. A good website to monitor this is 

instagram facebook youtube pinterest influencers can help promote your brand

Influencers can be reached through 3 key ways – an agency, influencer platform – or simply reaching out yourself. Influencer platforms are designed to cut out the agency and work generally for mid-tier and down, digital celebrities and A-listers will usually have fierce representation. Influencer platforms are good to search through specifics and negotiate what you will be getting out of using an influencer. 

Ensure what you are offering when engaging in influencer marketing is mutually beneficial. Ask their opinions, get them involved and build a relationship, it makes the whole collaboration seem more authentic. This could be very worthwhile if they grow into a digital celebrity in the near future. 

Whether it’s gifting content and receiving a mention, paying for branded content, product hauls, sponsored posts, takeovers, events or giveaways – make sure you are measuring your success. Whether its determining reach, engagement or growth – it’s important to know that what you are doing is successful. 

To make it easy, think about following these 6 steps when planning your influencer marketing.

  1. Set your goals and strategy.
    Define your objectives and KPI’s here. The rest will flow after this.

  2. Find your audience. 
    Think audience first. Influencer second.

  3. Content and Creative.
    Make sure your brand integration is going to result in creative, authentic content. Influencers whose passion points are reflective of your offering and will resonate with their audience.

  4. Timing.
    Content doesn’t happen overnight. Make sure scheduling conflicts with other brands and your influencer don’t occur. It will ruin your visibility and success.

  5. Legal & Review
    Make sure the requirements are clearly outlined. 

  6. Social & Tracking Links
    Make sure you track your success. You’ve come this far.

For those considering influencer marketing, it’s an excellent marketing tool to both grow your audience and facilitate usable content for your own platforms. Be sure to choose authentic connections that genuinely love your service / product and will resonate with their fans. 

Slyletica can handle your influencer marketing needs for your brand. We have an in-house team of influencer marketing professionals who identify influencers that match your brand and budget. You can contact us on or call us on (03) 8657 3311 - we like to chat. 

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