How We Became Australia's Top Fashion Agency

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Australia has long been synonymous with fashion. From the classic surf brands to the runways of Europe and beyond, Australia has carved out a unique, laid-back style for the world to enjoy. Now, we're taking it to a whole new level with Slyletica.

Our agency was founded four years ago by Simon and Yetta Rawadi and was named the fastest growing fashion company in Australia by the Australian Financial Review. Together, with their team in Melbourne, Simon and Yetta have been able to help build over 750 brands around the world - an incredible feat for an agency startup that began as an activewear brand.

Simon and Yetta saw an opportunity in the Australian market to create a service agency to help influencers and entrepreneurs start their own fashion brands. Little did they know people all over the world were looking for this same service.

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"Figuring out how to offer a complete end-to-end solution was not only a natural evolution, the market was ready for it – the missing links in communication for developing and manufacturing your own brand meant things were always missed or double-handled incorrectly. The more we looked, the more we found people with the same challenges we were facing in the beginning." says Yetta Rawadi to The Daily Guru.

Whether it was exhaustion from visiting factories which didn't speak the same language, or losing money in manufacturing, people looking to start a fashion brand had limited options and many frustrations. Simon and Yetta knew there was a market but it wasn't easy.

The business pivoted several times throughout the journey and it took a substantial amount of hard work to get the process just right. In fact, sourcing premium quality garments with ethical manufacturer partners at competitive pricing and without mishaps, is almost unheard-of in the fashion industry. So, how do they do it?

Simon and Yetta, sitting. Taya Brooks in activewear


“Be a gazelle and not an elephant is our motto. We are prepared to move and pivot where necessary and do so quickly. We strive to be one step ahead of the market," says Simon in an interview with Dynamic Business.

"As soon as it stopped becoming about us, and it became about the customer is when we began to see our biggest success. We are transparent with our customers. We’ve kept this model for Slyletica ever since, and time and time again it always comes back to how we can improve and grow for our customers – they are the centre of our entire eco-system."

In 2019 Simon and Yetta won the Melbourne Young Entrepreneur Award for Manufacturing, Wholesale & Distribution and were named in Australia's Top 50 Young Entrepreneurs.

In the same year Slyletica had our best year on record creating over 155 activewear, athleisure and swimwear brands in more than 15 countries around the world - managing the entire process, from bespoke designs and manufacturing through to digital marketing and fulfilment.

"We’ve made plenty of mistakes, but with every down, there is an up. I realised pretty quickly not to get caught up in the ebbs and flows of the journey. Today, my husband is more on the front lines of the business; my passion is working on the daily operations, as well as making sure our team has a great culture to work in," Yetta says.

So, what's next? We're hosting our first event in Melbourne this year to help influencers understand how to expand their brand into a fashion line, and we have big plans to expand operations globally. 

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