How to ensure your sportswear is ethically produced

Here’s how to ensure your sportswear is ethically produced in 5 steps (hint: use Slyletica) 

We’ve developed the following:  

1.     A comprehensive ethical sourcing code of conduct 

2.     An audit and monitoring process  

3.     Standard onboarding processes   

4.     Master’s Supplier Agreement  

5.     Customer transparency processes 

1)  A comprehensive ethical sourcing code of conduct 

Not all ethical sourcing code of conducts are made equal. The first step to beginning the process of ensuring your sportswear is made ethically is developing a standard criterion such as (but not limited too); fair hours, fair wages, no discrimination, environmental compliance, risk assessment training, and no child labor. In addition, Factories must provide third-party audits outlining they meet industry standard criteria.  

2) An audit and monitoring process 

The process of ensuring your sportswear is manufactured ethically is not a once off task, after passing an initial audit, we develop a process to ensure continual monitoring of such factories. Conditions in factories are never static, and instead are constantly changing. By deciding on a fixed time period to ensure a review of factory conditions, we can ensure peace of mind for both yourself, and your customers that your sportswear is being manufactured ethically.  

3) Standard onboarding processes   

By having a standard onboarding process, we can ensure that that all factories we engage with must go through the same process before producing sportswear for you. This reduces the possibility of unintentionally overlooking certain areas when onboarding a factory.  

4) Master’s Supplier Agreement 

A Master’s Supplier Agreement, or MSA, outlines a set of terms regarding our relationship with a factory. One key area that covers is confidentiality. When starting your brand with Slyletica, you can ensure the confidentiality of for your designs and the exact expectations between the factory is clear. 

5) Customer transparency processes 

Slyletica removes the hard work from ensuring your sportswear label is ethically manufactured.  It’s no easy task, but there is a clear reason we go to the effort of this: not only does it ensure your sportswear is manufactured to the standards and values of your brand, but customers also prefer to spend their money on brands that are ethically produced.  

We already have a network of 32 pre-vetted factories we use, which are continually audited to ensure they meet our ethical standards.   We’ve developed strong relationships with our factories based on transparency to ensure Slyletica clients and their customers don’t have to worry.

Read more about how we do this here 

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