Ethical Manufacturing With Slyletica

Get your apparel made right, by the right people.

Social awareness and social responsibility among businesses and consumers is continually evolving. Working the way in which we dowith not just one but a large network of factoriesit is of the utmost importance that every supplier passes a strict vetting process at Slyletica.

ethical manufacturing factory with slyletica


Each factory is hand-picked and tested before being onboarded and considered to work with one of our clients. 

Our fully-vetted factories are based within China, with some of our fabric development suppliers based in Singapore and Hong Kong. 

It is important to note that China, Hong Kong and Singapore are at the forefront of stretch fabrics – which are the niches which we pride ourselves on, activewear and swimwear. If you are looking for more on sustainable and eco fabrics, click here to chat with our amazing team.

On-boarding a factory is an incredibly strict processFactories must provide third-party audits outlining they meet industry standard criteria such as (but not limited too); fair hours, fair wages, no discrimination, environmental compliance, risk assessment training, and no child labour

audited factories ethical activewear manufacturer

 These audits also contain areas for improvement as well as photos of the factories themselves, illustrating working conditions. Areas of improvement must be addressed and brought back up within a certain time frame. Factories that fall below standard have all work ceased until they can successfully pass an audit again.

Factories that cannot provide acceptable audits upfront are not even considered to join the Slyletica network.

Slyletica has also implemented additional criteria that must be met. An MSA or Master’s Supplier Agreement outlines and defines the terms of our specific relationship with the factory. Highlighting the confidentiality of our clients' designs and the exact expectations of an agency / supplier relationship. This is overseen and produced in both English and their native language to ensure no misunderstanding can occur between us and our factories.

Beyond activewear, our manufacturers specialise in different things; we have factories for outerwear, accessories, technical garments, underwear, swimwear and beyond. We’re constantly looking to grow and improve upon our network – within the guidelines.

Factories are assigned to clients based on their direct brand goals. We supply a detailed factory information sheet for you to get a better understanding of your factory once chosen. We believe in total transparency for our clients, understanding the importance of an ethical product lifecycle.

Choosing to manufacture ethically for our clients wasn’t an easy choice, it was the only choice for Slyletica. 

For more on sustainable and eco fabrics that Slyletica offers, chat to our team here.