Activewear Trends 2020: Bathleisure

Meet the "in-active" trend that's taking over leisure wear.

Breaking down your wardrobe into key pieces that work harder for you. This trend is about slowing down the pace around you, with a focus on quality and multifunctional purpose.⁠

bathleisure women in activewear and swimwear

Source: Girlfriend Collective

Key Pieces & Silhouettes.⁠

Meet the hero pieces to nail the trend.⁠

Relaxed Leotard, for layering and simplistic comfort.⁠

Transparent Anorak, reimagined in nano fabrics amplifies the transitional and lightweight nature of Bathleisure.⁠

Lightweight Shorts are key, worn layered or standalone they emphasise functionality and lightness.⁠

bathleisure trend examples style and inspiration

Source: Girlfriend Collective

Colour Palettes.⁠

This trends palettes are calming and relaxed, and all work harmoniously or stand alone.

bathleisure and activewear trends colour palette

Outdoor Voices.

"Technical Apparel for Recreation" is Outdoor Voices motto, producing"interchangeable layers that play nice in any season or activity." ⁠

Outdoor Voices works with hi-tech fabrics in tonal colours so they slip seamlessly into your everyday staples.⁠

bathleisure outdoor voices example brand spotlight case study

Source: Outdoor Voices


Allow your clothes to work better for you. Functional staples weave seamlessly between downtime and active living. 

Expect to see contemporary silhouettes reimagined in new fabrics and textures, emphasising function and form.

themes and styles in 2020 for activewear and leisure wear

In Social Media.⁠

Socials get a make-under with Bathleisure.⁠

Focussing heavily on neutral palettes and negative space, Bathleisure advocates look to create a mood rather than highlighting a particular product or look.⁠

social media facebook instagram style for bathleisure brands


Given that bathleisure combines leisure x active living into a slowed down recreational lifestyle, it makes sense it would look to incorporate spa fabrics such as waffle, linen, towelling and jerseys.

Imbuing with active components such as anti-odour and quick drying.⁠

textures in design for new bathleisure fashion

This trend teaches us the importance of slowing down for a balanced life.

jasmine alexa bathleisure brand design and style

Source: Jasmine Alexa

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